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HuntressXD's xenic flag

Xenic, or xeno-aligned, is a term used to describe people whose gender is aligned to something that doesn't fit the Western human binary of gender alignments. Instead of male or female aligned, one may feel like they're more aligned with animals, plants, things, or concepts. Xenic is the xenogender version of male- or female-aligned. So one might say "I am xenic" or "I am xeno-aligned". The term was designed to be used by people who identify as xenogenders, but any non-binary person may use it.


The term xenic was coined by Tumblr user Fathermartinarchimbaud on November 28, 2017.[1]. The alternate xenic flag was designed by FANDOM user HuntressXD on April 8, 2021, due to FANDOM user CoreOfCilantro3's request for an alternate flag that would be easier to draw.