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Vampiregender is a mythologender related to vampires. It can be used by itself, but is also an umbrella term, as many subsets have been created to suit specific binary genders and different perceptions of a vampiric gender.

It is typically referred to as an aesthetigender, but can also be referred to as a noungender or even a neurogender. It can also be deemed a category of gender, as many subsets of it have been created to suit specific binary genders/different perceptions of a "vampiric" gender. It may also be a kingender, although this is not always the case.


Some subsets of vampiregender include:

As an Aesthetigender

In terms of aesthetigender, it can be described as dark and mysterious, sometimes even scary or frightening. it may feel ancient and as if it has existed for longer than it was supposed to. It also can feel as if it sucks the life out of other genders, but does not necessarily have to. This can also relate to the deep, spiritual connection to vampirism in connection to and influencing their gender.[1]

As a Neurogender

In terms of neurogender, it can be described as a lack of energy, or a need for energy, due to mental or physical illness or variation. It can also be a general need for energy, hence a want for life sources or energy from other people or beings.This can be used by people who experience depression, extreme low points, chronic fatigue, or other things that result in a lack of energy. On a different note, it can also be perceived as having/wanting to hold power over another person/group of people, wanting to be seen as better than them, or perceiving yourself as better than others. This definition of it can be used by people who experience mania, delusions of grandeur/holiness/etc, high or very energetic points, or psychosis.


Vampiregender was originally coined by Tumblr user Frontavant in December 2018. The definition was expanded upon by Tumblr user Chaospile (formerly XXV4mp1r3GutzXX) in June 2020.[2]


The original flag created by Tumblr user GayClownKing in January 2020,[3] and an alternative was made by XXV4mp1r3GutzXX in June 2020. In 2021, Tumblr user Vampire-Overlord made three alternate vampiregender flags as well.