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the pupgender flag

Viraldoll's pupgender flag

Pupgender is a faunagender that falls under the canisgender umbrella, and can be considered a neurogender, although it can be used by neurotypical people. It is defined as "a gender that is small, lively, cute, and any other quality associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies." The term was made with system littles and non-kink age regressors in mind, but can be used by anyone. It can be a kingender, but does not have to be.


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The term was coined using this definition by Tumblr user xeno-aligned in April of 2019.[1] In March of 2020, pupgender made a resurgence on Twitter, with user Kandipaws creating a flag[2] and carrd[3] to describe it. The definition has since been somewhat simplified and is now described as "a gender identity that closely relates to or feels very strongly like dogs or puppies", although the original definition is widely used and still remains. Pupgender is often considered the dog-like counterpart to catgender, despite it being a subgender and not an umbrella term.


The flag's meanings are as follows: Green represents energy. White represents softness. Yellow represents playfulness. Orange represents creativity. Blue represents tranquility. The red paw print represents autism acceptance.

On viraldoll's pupgender flag the meaning is as follows:[4] orange represents hyper characteristics. Yellow represents liveliness or youngness, as well as puppies. Blue represents smallness. White is representation for usage as a kingender. Light pink represents cuteness, while dark pink represents usage as a system little or non-kink age regressor.