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the proxvir flag

an edited proxvir flag

Proxvir is a gender that is strongly connected to masculinity, but in a different way to how men are connected to masculinity. Proxvir is something separate and entirely on its own. It may be described as a gender that is masculine-aligned or mingender, but is not man-aligned or miaspec, and has no connection to manhood.

The word "proxvir" is used as an adjective, in the same way male and female are used, so one would say "I am proxvir" not "I am a proxvir".

The feminine equivalent to proxvir is juxera.


The terms proxvir and juxera were coined by Tumblr user Wulfgendur in July, 2014.[1] The juxera and proxvir flags were created around the same time.


The pink and blue on the ends of the pentagon represent the "girl" and "boy" genders, while the blueish gray, navy, and purple represent the gender spectrum. The green triangle represent where the gender falls on the spectrum, which is "near boy" in the case of the proxvir flag.[2]

The origin/meaning of the alternative flag is unknown. The edit of the alternative proxvir flag is intended to be easier on the eyes.


"Proxvir" comes from proximus, a Latin adjective meaning "near", and -vir, from a masculine Latin noun.