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That-One-Aroace-Enby's liquigender flag

Liquigender is a kingender/xenogender in which one has a gender that is in some way related to water, oceans, lakes, aquatic animals, or similar concepts. This can be aesthetically linked, having a aquatic-related kingender, using water as a metaphor for your gender, etc. It can be used as both an umbrella term and a lone term.

The earth equivalent is solidigender, with the air equivalent being flowgender, fire as kindligender, and ice being glaciagender.

Similar terms include aecoric.


The term liquigender was coined by a user going by Alex on December 21st, 2020.


The flag was coined by Fandom user That-one-aroace-enby on December 21st, 2020. It was given meaning by Alex on January 2nd, 2021. Dark blue represents deep water, light blue represents shallow water, white represents other liquids, light green represents liquid-based faunagenders, and dark green represents liquid-based kingenders.

Both alternate flags were designed by Fandom user Snotdrips.


Liqui was taken from liquid, which means something that is not solid and flows freely.