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Not to be confused with kinggender.

the kingender flag

Kingender is a gender identity related to one's kintype. The kingender experience is different for everyone. Some examples of what kingender people may experience are:

  • a change in gender when one kinshifts (kingenderfluid)
  • the experience of being a certain gender because of one's identity (e.g. a dragonkin knowing they wouldn't be female if they weren't dragonkin)
  • Identifying as a xenogender related to one's kintype

The identity is exclusive to those who identify as otherkin, because the gender of people who identify as kingender is intertwined with their non-human identity.


See List of Kingenders.


Kingender was coined was coined on or before July 25, 2014 by Tumblr user Sadvaporwavebabe and posted to MOGAI-Archive.[1]


The kingender flag was coined by DeviantArt user Pastelmemer and was posted by Pride-Flags on September 7, 2015.[2] It has no confirmed meaning.