Mogai Genders Wiki

Gender systems are used to define gender identity, alignment, or presentation. These are usually non-binary genders or xenogenders. Systems usually have an aesthetic or theme that it follows.

List of Gender Systems[]

  • Aaron's Putty System: A gender system for genders which are connected to or influenced in any way by Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
  • Aecor System: gender system for mostly xenic genders connected to water
  • Alibinary System
  • Alloy Alignment System: gender system describing someone's gender using several metals from the periodic table
  • Astrian System: gender system of aestheticgenders that is based of the stereotypical expectance for how certain genders should present
  • CB System: gender system for genders connected to coffee
  • CC System: system consisting of gender terms for times of day, wind, tidal changes, etc.
  • Celestial System: collection of xenogenders with a soft, celestial energy to them
  • Critter System: system for describing the types of genders a gender collector collects
  • Eevelutiogender System: gender system for non-binary or kingender people that is connected to the eeveelution Pokémon
  • Eldarin Gender System: gender system created for elfkin to describe their experiences with gender
  • Element System: describes a gender's essence using the classical elements
  • Exemgenders System: system for xenogenders that have wild and animalistic traits. It uses the Pokémon types as a theme.
  • Felinus System: system of genders relating to cats and other felines
  • Fleurian System: gender system for genders that are related to nature and specifically flowers, as well as potential alignment with specific aspects and kinds of flowers.
  • Floral System: Similar to Palette System, but using floral terms
  • Landform System: gender system to describe individuals with genders related to large landforms
  • Latusilian Gender System: way to describe individuals based on their gender alignment and presentation
  • Musicorum System: group of xenogenders that can only be described as feeling like music, or as musical.
  • Nadurian System: gender system for genders that are related to nature, or nature + a specific aspect(s) of nature.
  • Nature Systems: series of gender systems based on different aspects of nature, and between the four of them, they cover a vast amount of alignments and nature-centered identities.
  • Ophanian Gender System: system of gender identities for angelkin
  • Pallet System: system to describe non-binary people's gender presentation without using binary terms
  • Prince system: set of non-binary prince related aesthetigenders.
  • Princess system: set of non-binary princess related aesthetigenders.
  • Prixic System: A set of genders that are described as being completely separate from the binary.
  • Pyralignment System: system of gender identities for dragonkin, based on types of dragons from the Wings of Fire franchise
  • Quartz System: gender system that was coined for people that feel they have a lost touch with a certain gender.
  • Royal system: set of non-binary, royalty-related aesthetigenders.
  • Spectral Gender System: system of gender identities for ghostkin and other spectral kintypes
  • Sylvian System: gender alignment system for genders that are related to forests, or forests + a specific aspect(s) of forests.
  • Techno-gender System: group of xenogenders that are related to electricity, technology, and the like.
  • Terra System: gender system for people who feel like their gender is, or is best described as features and aspects of the earth, or their gender is influenced by features and aspects of the earth.
  • TL System: gender system for genders connected to tea
  • Wood System: system of genders that feel their gender is is more than 100% that gender using wood and trees