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an alternate demongender flag

File:Clear Skyes Demongender.png

Clear Skyes' demongender flag

Demongender is a term with two definitions:

  1. An exclusive neurogender that is connected with anything demonic. This does not include devils. This applies for those who identify as some kind of theological or fictional demon. It is also known as demonicgender.
  2. A kingender for beings whose gender is directly connected with being demonkin. One can also add a gender after "demon" to stress their gender is demonic or affected by being demonkin e.g. demonboy, demongirl, or demononbinary/demonenby.


The first definition was coined by Wikia user Boredomisdead on December 14, 2020. The second was coined by sapphire-crimson-claw on tumblr on Feb 27th, 2017, though the term has probably been around for longer with similar terms being coined and used around 2014. At the time it did not get a full definition.


The demongender flag was created on December 14th, 2020 by user Chileanywayso on the LGBTA wiki. The alternate demongender flag was created on December 14, 2020 by Clear.Skyes on the LGBTA wiki. The alternate flag was specifically inspired by the classic satanic goat color schemes[1]

Another flag designed for demonkin and directly demongender was designed on March 15th, 2019 by mo-guys on tumblr[2]. It is very similar with a mirrored stripe design starting with a black stripe, grey stripe, brown, with a large red band in the middle. The center of this one holds a black circle with a red otherkin star. The demongender version being simply without the circle and star.

A third known flag was designed by xeno-aligned on tumblr on June 6, 2020[3]. This one is a five horizontal striped flag the first and last stripes are a dark maroon, the second stripe is dark red, the middle stripe is light red, the fourth stripe is pale maroon and in the middle of the flag is a five-pointed star in a circle that is either black or white for just demongender or light blue, pink, or yellow-green for demonboy, demongirl, or demonenby respectively.