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HuntressXD's dayflux flag

Dayflux is a xenogender and multigender that describes those who identify as all genders of the celestial cycle system at the same time. They may also have genders outside of the system, or they may only experience genders within the system.


This term was coined by Fandom Wikia user EWQWEB, also known as Reginald Dorran H., on November 22, 2020.


The flag was designed by HuntressXD on March 9, 2021. The meanings of the colors are as follows:

  • The grays: 5/9 of the genders with flags in the CC system have gray in it, and dayflux is a combo of all of those genders, so I added that
  • White: You get white when you mix together all colors, and this is a combo of all of those genders, so yeah
  • Blue: CC genders are affected by times of day, wind, tidal changes, etc., so this represents the sky and ocean
  • Green: undetermined meaning
  • Yellow and orange: the ✨ sun ✨, which changes its position in the sky during the day, so that also represents the CC genders
  • Black: represents genders outside of the CC system