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StariiArts' confusigender flag

Confusigender is a term for when a person’s gender (or part of their gender) seems confusing, meddled, or strange. A person who is confusigender may know at least one or more parts of their gender, but there is still a part that is confusing. A person who is confusigender could also not know their gender and yet their gender seems confusing.

A person who identifies as confusigender can also have other genders that they already know. For example, if someone was female but a part of their gender was confusing, they could be called confusigirl. Same goes for masculine and neutral/abinary/unaligned. (confusiboy, confusienby). If a person has more than one gender identity, they could use confusigender as if it was its own gender. For example, if someone was both male and female but also had a confused/meddled part of their gender, the would say they were female, male, and confusigender.

Confusigender is on the clypeus spectrum.

Similar terms include quoigender.


Confusigender was coined by FANDOM Wikia user StariiArts on May 31, 2021.


The confusigender flag was also created by StariiArts.

  • Shades of gray represent confusion