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Original Catgender flag by @swagger4show on twitter.

The blank original Catgender pride flag by @swagger4show on twitter.

Inclusive blank Catgender flag

Another alternative blank Catgender flag

Catgender is a xenogender in which someone feels an extremely strong connection to cats or other felines, either strongly identifying with them or simply wanting to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity. It is used to describe a gender that feels feline. catgender individuals can still identify as a binary gender while being catgender. Catgender was created by a mentally ill autistic individual to better define nya’s gender experience, but anyone may identify with catgender. Catgender may also be used by someone who identifies heavily identifies with cats or other felines or has delusions relating to being a cat or another feline.

One who identifies as catgender may use nya/nyan or mew/purr pronouns.

Similar terms include: catboy, catgirl, nyan-binary, or a personal term for self-description.


There are multiple subtypes of catgender. This includes:

Alternative blank inclusive Catgender flag

  • Felinegender
  • Meowgender
  • Mewgender
  • Catnipgender

Felinegender is a more specific catgender identity in which an individual connects their gender with a specific species of cat, such as Leopardgender or Caracalgender.

Meowgender is a subgender in which an individual connects their gender identity with grown/older cats.

Mewgender is a subgender in which an individual connects their gender identity with younger cats (kittens).

Catnipgender is a subgender in which an individual is basically catgender, but also experiences other connections to genders which may be more silly, hyperactive, funny, crazy, and/or wacky at the same time, or could just be attached to of the concepts in overall. A person who is catnipgender may desire to have more cat-like features and catlike tendencies.


In the original blank catgender flag the solid pink at the top represents masculine leaning catgender individuals, and the solid blue at the bottom represents feminine leaning catgender individuals. The light pink represents the feline/cat-like feeling that comes with being catgender. The light blue represents gender nonconformity, and gender nonconforming catgender individuals. The purple stripe in the middle represents unaligned catgender individuals.

In the version of the flag with the cat emblem, the cat emblem represents unity and solidarity with other xenogender individuals.