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The Astrian system is a system of aesthetigenders that are based of the stereotypical expectance for how certain genders should present, or the aura of how those genders feel.

Astrian Genders[]

Mixed Alignments[]

  • Starlinian: Ciphrian and Sunsatian
  • Blakciphrian: Ciphrian and Wisterian
  • Storstalian: Firistian and Wisterian
  • Sunrisian: Firistian and Sunsatian
  • Wistiritearian: Wistirian and Sunsatian
  • Cloudian: Firistian and Ciphrian
  • Elementian: Wisterian, Firistian, and Sunsatian
  • Dreamstalian: Firistian, Sunsatian, and Ciphrian
  • Shootalian: Sunsatian, Ciphrian, and Wisterian
  • Cosmetian: Wisterian, Firistian, and Ciphrian
  • Astrian: Firistian, Sunsatian, Ciphrian, and Wisterian


The Astrian System was created by Wiki user RoseWatera on November 21, 2020 to represent how them and their characters represent their identities.