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the anthrogender flag

a simplified 5-stripe anthrogender flag

Anthrogender is a term that refers to any gender that is not a xenogender or xenic in nature, meaning, any gender which can be primarily described in terms of how it is (or is not) related to manhood, womanhood, masculinity, femininity, androgyny, neutrality, or other terms commonly used to describe human gender. People who identify as an anthrogender may call themselves anthric.

It is possible to have both an anthrogender and a xenogender simultaneously, usually through being multigender (example: being a catgender woman, with catgender as the xenogender and woman as the anthrogender).


Anthrogender and its flag were created by an anonymous Wikia user on October 22, 2020. The flag was created by taking the hues from the xenogender flag and turning them to their opposites, then slightly altering it.

A simplified verison of the flag was created by another anonymous Wikia user on November 6, 2020.


"Anthro" means "human",[1] whereas "xeno", in the context of xenogenders, means "alien", "nonhuman", or "other." Additionally, xenogenders are based on nonhuman concepts of gender. As such, anthrogender is an appropriate antonym for xenogender.