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File:Aecoric Flag.png

The Aecoric flag with a water symbol.


Alternate aecoric flag without a symbol.

Aecoric is an adjective, similar to xenic, that describes an individual who holds an aecoric gender. It is part of the Aecor System. Aecoric centers around water to describe ones identity. Once could chose to use aecoric as a stand-alone gender if they do not feel the need to define their gender further than that.

Aecoric vs. Liquigender[]

While aecoric identities are very similar to liquigender, there are some differences. An aecoric identity, unlike a liquigender identity, does not have to be xenic. Droplen, for example, could be used as a subset of demigender rather than a xenic identity. Neptunun could also be considered similar to pangender, genderspike and/or genderflux.


Aecoric was coined by wiki user Double-bi on January 2nd, 2021, in addition to the rest of the genders in the Aecor System.


Aecoric comes from aequor, the Latin word for sea.